A digital services and electronic payments ecosystem to emerge under the digital village programme

Analyses of global, European and domestic digitalisation trends clearly show that the market of electronic and mobile payments is very likely to explode in the coming years. Users are becoming more and more aware consumers, and there is a growing demand for modern digital services among the domestic population as well. Hungary is still significantly behind in this respect, with cash still playing a dominant role in payment transactions. This trend appears to be even more pronounced in rural areas, where services that are already available to users in Hungarian cities are in many cases inexistent or unavailable.

An important element of the Digital Village Ecosystem is the open platform that allows enterprises to connect to the value chain. They can become active participants in customer service, offering the platform’s services to their own customers. Enterprises connected to the ecosystem can thus develop their own services portfolio, improving their own competitiveness in the field of digitalisation.

The introduction of modern, innovative and competitive domestic digitalisation solutions can significantly increase the resilience of the economy, thereby significantly strengthening the economic and population-retention capacity of Hungarian villages.

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latest newsAugust 4, 2021
The V4 Smart Platform 2 Project will be realized with contribution from former domestic industry partners
July 2, 2021
A digital services and electronic payments ecosystem to emerge under the digital village programme
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